Monday, August 18, 2008

Moon gifts

The full moon brought along some strong energy this past week.

Friday my wife, L, finished framing up the coffin prints. They look fantastic! We delivered and hung them up for D.B. We then celebrated with a nice toast of Earth Dragon milk (aka – tequila). Doug was beaming and I couldn’t help but smile knowing that the prints were exactly where they should be.

Friday morning was also when I helped move the small etching press to the repair shop before my friend J.D. passed it along to me. The repair work didn’t take long and by 3 p.m. it was ready to go. I wasn’t able to line up the moving crew (my friend Jason, his big bad truck, and I) until Sunday afternoon.

Saturday I spent preparing my garage-soon-to-be-studio-space with the Milagro Boy. This meant a big clean up and repairing/securing doors for the delivery. My garage may not be the perfect place for a press right now but with some work I hope to have a working studio set up very soon. Plus, there's no way I was going to attempt hauling that press up a flight of stairs to my current studio!

Sunday I helped Jason move some wood into his basement. He’s building his own studio in his house basement and we’re trading favors. Once we unloaded his big bad truck we picked up and delivered the press. My nephew Scott helped Jason and I with the unloading.

The press is a refurbished Charles Brand and weighs about 300 lbs. It has a 16 x 30” bed. I can’t wait to break it in. Big thanks to Jean D.