Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The studio is buzzing with a few new collaborations. First up, my two little apprentices. I took a couple of drawings from my sons’ sketchbooks, added a few flourishes, cut and printed the resulting images on some t-shirts with my press. Hoping to continue these experiments in the new year.

I’ve volunteered to teach a 6 week class on relief printing to a few of the Jr. High students at Good Shepherd Montessori. We’re hoping to have a collaborative print made including images from each of the students, Laurie Rousseau and myself.

We’re hoping to tighten things up with the Consejo Grafico this year. We’re planning exhibits of the two portfolios created by the group and some organizational meetings for this spring and summer.

At home it's been deja-vu. The Lightboy has developed a taste for Queen and discovered the wonderful wacky genius of Don Martin cartoons.

The Don Martin interest started with the Mad Magazine Don Martin collection I got for Xmas. The Queen interest started after hearing the Fresh Air interview with Brian May. "That's a unique guitar sound." I remember being his age sitting in our living room reading Mad Magazine, drawing and listening to my older brothers' record collection. I eventually made the transition from listening nonstop to the Beatles to Queen. It's like history repeating itself seeing him doing the same. He’s particularly interested in Brian May’s unique layered guitar sound and the vocal gymnastics of Freddie and the band.

Synchronous event: While cleaning out the basement studio the same day we heard the Brian May interview in the car, I found the very first concert T-shirt I owned – a bootleg Queen t-shirt I bought at my very first concert for $10.