Thursday, November 13, 2008

14 days and counting

November 10, 2008
14 working days to go (22 days to delivery)

This whole week is devoted to being in the studio as much as I can possibly handle. I’m using some vacation time off work to get into the studio and paint all day. Waking up early in the morning and heading to the studio instead of work is quite nice.

Next week I travel to Austin for the Consejo Grafico conference. This trip is going to break up my work routine, therefore, I’m planning to leave many paintings drying while I’m away. Nine new paintings of various sizes…and I started a new one yesterday making it ten. Crazy I know.

The breakdown:
65 x 86” as yet untitled burial piece
53 x 53” message piece
2 – 72 x 42” - Hueco and Herencia
3 – 18 x 24” - the Pneuma series
1 – 24 x 18” - M
2 – 24 x 48” - Prima Materia and untitled stools piece

I’m working faster now. The blocking in was pretty solid so now it’s just finessing the modeling before I glaze over some details and contrasts. The hardest part for me is not over working areas. I tend to get to the point where all my nice colorful, planar, open areas start to get blended into one even gradation. I’m really trying to keeping stuff open and loose throughout the painting for once.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shine a Light

Tuesday morning I woke my eight year old Lightboy for school. As I gave him his morning hug I looked him in the eye and told him. Remember this day. Today this country can make history by electing it's first black President. Someday you can tell your kids about it. We then did some math 2008 - 1776= 232...

Finally, a leader I can believe in. Someone who's voice and words have resonance.
I live in a blue state now.
The work has just begun.
I'm proud to be an American.

My friend, Maynard James Keenan, has a much better handle of the words to describe how I feel.